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Solar Street Lighting
Solar Energy Parks
Solar Domestic Lighting
Solar Portable Lanterns
Solar Centralized
Street Light
Solar Village Lighting
Solar Power Plants
Solar Wind Hybrid
Solar Garden Lighting
Solar Water Pumping
Solar Lanterns,Solar Home Lighting Systems Solar Home Lighting Systems in Bangalore
The Sun is a wide resource of energy on which all life in the world is completely reliant. The energy attaining the worlds exterior is only a portion of the total created by the sun.
Nevertheless, it still amounts to some, 20,000 times more than energy currently absorbed by all the Globe's Vegetation and warming plants. Around the world is basically acknowledged as one of the biggest risks to our ecosystem.

Designed to suit all weather operation Solar PV Modules life over 25 years test & Certified electronic controls Excellen t non-corrosive components in system, Registered and approved with MNRE, 80% depreciation can be availed in the first year itself, Soar loans available from IREDA for larger Projects, Speedy delivery given. Regional Service Centres available for immediate response and service for Solar Power Plants, Street Lighting, solar home lighting systems, energy parks, DC refrigerators, solar lanterns, garden lighting systems in Bangalore.