The Sun is a wide resource of energy on which all life in the world is completely reliant. The energy attaining the worlds exterior is only a portion of the total created by the sun. Nevertheless, it still amounts to some, 20,000 times more than energy currently absorbed by all the Globe's Vegetation and warming plants. Around the world is basically acknowledged as one of the biggest risks to our ecosystem.

People all over the world raelise they must stop the harmful contamination due to techniques smells, such as co2 etc. the problem will get more intense as energy need goes up.

Renewable energy from sun, wind water is numerous, clean & will never run out. It can provide a effective and effective energy resource for small separate systems or the energy lines.

Prolight Techniques has been marketed by experts with significant experience in the Solar power P.V Industry. The State of the art factory will generate segments and value included SPV Techniques. Our R&D in this technology is a ongoing process. Every venture is tailor-made to meet each client's specific specifications.

Quality Policy

We at Prolight Systems are committed to serve our customers by meeting their stated and implied needs and providing them with products exceeding their satisfaction for quality performance & price. We strive to continual improvement through strong customer focus, upgrade manufacturing technology and continuous development in quality so to meet challenges in future.

Company is also committed to provide adequate resources in terms of documents and information needed to continually improve effectiveness of its quality management system.

Our strength

Prolight Systems is one of the firms to focus on the renewables sector. We have worked on a wide range of renewables and low carbon technologies, and in particular solar power, in a range of jurisdictions. We advise on all legal aspects of solar projects including project financing, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and regulatory matters.


To be a leading Service provider for Clean & Green Energy Generation and provide Cost Effective solution for Renewable Energy Projects in India & Abroad.


Through dedication & commitment, we will lead the way in providing value to our Customers and other Stake Holders by creating a honest Organization for generation of Renewable Energy Projects for safer environment for future generation.