Prolight System is cream of the crop in solar power industrial improvement by surroundings positive and special capability of solar power plants from 1 Kwp to 100 Kwp over the time. The collection of scientific engineers is able to style & achieve the tasks in solar sector appropriately. Prolight systems overcome along with today's profitable solar power plants.

Solar PV System power plant is trouble free, long lasting and cost effective power solution. Unpredictable power cuts, rising power bills, non-availability of grid power and maintenance worries are history. A result of proven technology, they are highly efficient and completely maintenance free. With just one-time investment solar power plants send your rising electricity bills or non-availability of conventional grid power worries packing. What's more, they are eco-friendly too.


Ideal for Village Electrification, Industrial for pheripheral lighting, Software Development Centres, Internet Centre, Hospitals, Hotels, ATMs, Call Centres, Director's Residences, Farm houses, Fuel Pump Station, Guest houses Laboratories, NGOs R & D Centres, Energy Parks, Transmission & Communication Towers and many more applcations.