Prolight System inside lighting packages suggests a lighting system to go well through permanent core enlightenment requirements and two or four lights can be used. A vital situation of Solar section charges a current provide energizing illumination for utilize throughout nighttime.Home lighting solar systems are the set installation considered for home purpose. The part of the solar lighting system includes solar PV component, charge manager, solar battery and lighting system . Simple Photovoltaic's house solar lightening section is installing in the open on top/porch - exposed to sunlight and the charge regulator and battery are reserved indoors a safe place in the home. We manufacture solar home lighting systems, solar garden lighting systems and Solar DC refrigerators, and delivers the maximum efficiency solar power technology solutions all over Bangalore, India with significant economic profits.

Prolight Systems has extremely stumpy power expenditure systems requiring small in size, cost saving power systems and low working cost. The refrigerator version can operate on fewer than 45 watts of solar power in nearly all climates.


Solar DC refrigerators and freezers are specially intended for elevated efficiency and less energy expenditure to permit refrigeration to work on the least feasible power input from a solar energy system.