Extremely well-organized Solar PV irrigates drive water from open well or bore wells, workings for 10 hours daily basis and individually, the Solar PV series have ability to pump water from bore well directly. There is no electric current supply in the systems, raise water from 3 meters to 50 meters. Prolight Systems has Excellent Solar Water Pumping Systems whose capacity is raising groundwater 20,000 liters to 60,000 liters per day. Water pushed by the solar pump can be saved in a tank or used honestly for irrigation. This Systems also used in Garden and Solar Energy Parks.

Water departure techniques effective display engineering PV Water Power enhances water from well or bore wells, features for 10 hrs. Daily individually, Solar energy panel engineering PV broad range abilities the capability immediately there is no energy in the Solar Water Pumping Systems. Increases water from water deliberate by the capability can be saved in a system or used directly for irrigating. Low costs on our fantastic brushless motor energy solar power water going techniques. Brushless energy Google making our best solar power drives ever. For over 25 years people around the world have efficient our techniques to energy water for creatures, creatures, homes and homes, and small irrigating.


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