Prolight System Solar PV Street lighting technique is planned to function in rough circumstances to go well with all layout. The Photovoltaic segment charges the battery current throughout the day time at evening an automotive sign changes on a dominant high quality lights of CFL or LED. At behind the street lamp is switched off robotically. Solar PV Road illumination can be used as year lighting, tangential lights for sectors, Solar Street lighting Systems in outline, material lighting etc.

The Prolight Systems has produced an excellent latest variety of solar street lights that are environmental friendly, simple to fix and present marvelous light productivity. These illuminations are perfect for all sorts of uses and there recent design has established support with everyone. Solar street lights can be without difficulty installed and moved and delivers openly, renewable power which is stored in a battery sell prepared to be used at what time darkness falls. Our solar street lights LEDs are the most innovative in the earth with patents covering the main function of combining LEDs and Solar power for outer illumination.


Solar Street lighting systems are an perfect illumination systems for the lighting of streets, roads positioned in areas that are not linked to the power network. This completely incorporated organization combine the hottest and mainly pioneering technology accessible provide existence of suitable and problem free illumination. Entirely assembled plant tested kits are offered with or without mounting poles.

The separate solar photovoltaic road illumination structure comprises of a solid bright street light as luminosity basis, re-chargeable direct acidic battery for storage, appropriate electronics for the function of the tamp and secure charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fitting these associate systems.